Women From All Walks of Life is a ministry as well as a non-profit organization. The only profit that is expected is souls saved, lives changed, a community of people growing in unity, and purpose brought forth & revealed!

The purpose of the ministry is:

  • To Embolden all women to know self-worth
  • Recognize her attributes
  • Learn how to overcome life challenges
  • Help reveal purpose in life


MISSION: To help reveal to women the purpose they have in life by leading and helping guide them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. To help women learn to overcome life struggles.

VISION: To see God's secret weapon revealed through the empowerment of a diversity of multi-cultural women who will know their purpose He has for them and to walk in it by uprooting the deep wounds that have been covered for so long.

"Show a woman what to do, and she will go beyond.

Tell a woman a secret and she will use it to her advantage.

Guide a woman into her destiny; GUARANTEED she will be successful & forever hold on to it!"

Shawnette M. Davis

​ Founder/President


Shawnette M. Davis, a woman after her Fathers heart & about her Fathers business. Her smile, her love for God, people, and her well-rounded personality speaks volumes whether she opens her mouth or not.

Shawnette is a mother of a son where she resides in Saginaw, MI. She accepted Christ in her life in December of 2008 and decided to live for God wholeheartedly. This phenomenal woman has had some struggles throughout her walk but she never gave up on God. She has always motivated people, encouraged them, giving sound advice and just being a listening ear. Always a helping hand wanting to speak life & positivity into the lives of people. It wasn't until 2013 when she opened her spiritual ears more to hear God talk to her about what she was called to do. She didn't know "exactly" what her purpose was but she kept at it; seeking God for more answers. September 2015, she hosted her first SINGLE & I Know it (singles) conference, which was a success. She wanted others to know, although it was a journey being single that God has His best and to keep waiting. He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour of the Lord. Proverbs 18:22

 In 2016, God revealed to her that she was a "Resuscitator." It was revealed that although she is a Nurse for the state of Michigan, she is also "CPR certified in the spirit" to help revive His people "ONE COMPRESSION", "ONE HEARTBEAT" at a time with the help of the Holy Spirit. Purpose revealed! ~The Resuscitator~